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Solid State RF Power Generator
Solid State RF Power Generator

The 13.56MHz, 3kw RF power generator developed by Wattsine adopts all-solid-state RF power amplifier technology, the operating frequency is 13.56MHz, and the output power is from 2w to 3kw. The product is designed with power module, RF generator, RF amplifier, control system, interface module and cooling system.

> Low energy consumption

> High flexibility

> Long service life

> High frequency stability and accuracy

> High power stability

> Equipped with load for any VSWR

Technical Index




13.56MHz ±5%

Frequency stability


Output power

2w-3000w with 0.1w stepping

RF switch amplitude overshoot duration


RF switching amplitude overshoot


Pulse repetition frequency

10Hz-100kHz with 1Hz stepping;

pulse width is 5μS-90mS

Duty cycle

5%-95% with 1% stepping; edge < 2μS

Overall efficiency (@ rated power)


Harmonic output


Spurious output


Amplitude stability



Resist stripping and etching in semiconductor manufacturing, RIE, ICP, RF sputtering, CVD and PVC systems, plasma cleaning, and PECVD, etc.



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