Medical application
Medical application

The benefits of all the medical applications that microwave energy brings are almost from heat energy generated by microwave, when the microwave effects on the body tissues, causing the high-speed rotation and oscillation of ions, water molecules and dipole in cells, resulting in generating heat. With the rapid development of microwave technology, it’s applied in people's daily lives more and more popular. In recent years, microwave technology has been applied in medicine field, such as microwave biology, and it has provided new ideas and methods of treatment to many diseases.

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Microwave Ablation Therapy

Microwave ablation device, also known as the "microwave tumor hyperthermia instrument"...


Microwave ablation device, also known as the "microwave tumor hyperthermia instrument", it is a special microwave needle that percutaneous puncture into the center region of tumor. With a size of1 mm Mini microwave oven at a point of microwave needle, microwave magnetic field generated by the point’s release can make around molecules with high-speed rotation and motion and generate heat. When the temperature rises up to 60℃above, the protein of tumor cells denaturation and solidification, the environment of tumor cells being changed, resulting in irreversible necrosis, tissue coagulation, dehydration necrosis, to achieve the purpose of treatment. This method is the fifth method of tumor treatment after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biotherapy.

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