Medical application
Medical application

The benefits of all the medical applications that microwave energy brings are almost from heat energy generated by microwave, when the microwave effects on the body tissues, causing the high-speed rotation and oscillation of ions, water molecules and dipole in cells, resulting in generating heat. With the rapid development of microwave technology, it’s applied in people's daily lives more and more popular. In recent years, microwave technology has been applied in medicine field, such as microwave biology, and it has provided new ideas and methods of treatment to many diseases.

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Medical Electron Linear Accelerator

Medical electron linear accelerators a kind of particle accelerator equipment that radiotherapy tumor in biomedical fields.


The interaction of high energy electrons with high energy microwave electric field in medical electron linear accelerator extract the energy electrons directly that can be applied in electronic line therapy. Electrons strike heavy metal targets, produce bremsstrahlung, emit X rays as x-rays treatment. One of the simplest electronic linear accelerators must include at least one accelerating place (accelerating tube), one high power microwave source and waveguide system, one control system, and one radial alignment and protection system. Medical accelerator is widely applied in the primary or excited tumors of the head and neck, chest, abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity and limbs parts etc., and postoperative residual treatment or preoperative treatment.

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