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2017-06-29 10:45:09



During 3th ,June 2017 - 9th,June 2017, Wattsine’s engineers&sales delegation participated in the  IMS 2017 (International microwave symposium 2017) which is hosted in Hawaii ,USA . The conference lasted 7 days covering around  a hundred lectures , thousands of scientists ,specialists ,doctors ,teachers ,academicians ,engineers ,R&D individuals and purchasers  from famous universities , research institutes ,manufactures worldwide gathed together  to  exchange the most advanced concepts, explore the most cutting-edge technology,  referring to 5G communications, solid-state technology, aerospace, radar, new power devices, microwave thawing  , Microwave energy applications etc fields.


In the Exhibition period,hundreds state-of-the-art enterprises demonstrated their newest design ,such as NXP, Marcom, Wattsine, wolfspeed, API, keysight, Rohde&Schwarz ........ And tens of thousands  academic,scientists,engineers and purchaser visited it ,as well as some future stars of students from famous middle school came to study . The latest GaN chip, 5G technology,  ultra-wideband amplifier, solid-state microwave of  radar & aerospace  products show gathered! Such a microwave gluttonous feast!

As one of the most important exhibitors, Wattsine demonstrated the newest industrial application of SS generator-Microwave thawing technology, and 2.45ghZ,915MHz SS generator with high output power of 20KW. The items caught the eyes of lots  transistors/components supplier,R&D engineers of enterprise, researchers engaging in advanced projects, academics and purchasers.Wattsine’s new SS generator&technology provides  more possibilities and better solution to researchs projects ,as well making contribution to improving and innovating the products in industry, medical etc fields!


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