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Hello from the Wattsine team in our office

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2020-02-27 05:11:11



On 10th Oct, Wattsine team was finally able to resume work in our Chengdu office.

While suffering from the outbreaking of corona virus, the safety of our employees is of the highest priority,

so we strictly implemented comprehensive hospital-grade disinfection of the entire office space prior to its opening. We are taking responsibility to the health of each employee during this period until the epidemic subsides. Wattsine has set up a temporary health safeguard team to measure the temperature of all employees daily and distribute epidemic prevention materials, such as face masks every day.

During these hard times, Wattsine has received a lot of concern and support from our customers and suppliers from all over the world. Virus prevention materials were delivered to us by our customers from New Zealand, Germany and India which saved us from the nationwide shortage of face masks in China.

And thanks again to all our friends, Wattsine will continue to work with full power to ensure all the products and projects would be finished with best quality and performance!


Comprehensive disinfection of each employee


Comprehensive disinfection of each employee


Measuring temperature twice a day


Fully-prepared virus prevention materials


Distributing face masks every day


Office environment disinfection twice a day




High efficient work under face masks

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