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Wattsine presents new products at semicon/FPD China 2021 international semiconductor industry event

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2021-03-24 11:18:58



From 17 to 19 March, SEMICON China 2021 International Semiconductor Exhibition was successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of the exhibition is "cross-border global core connection ", bringing together more than 1100 exhibitors in the industry to exchange and negotiate the latest technology and market trends, which demonstrating the confidence of the international market in the development prospects of China's semiconductor industry. It is conducive to promoting the innovation and growth of China's semiconductor industry chain.


As a high-tech enterprise in microwave RF industry, Chengdu Wattsine, with the determination and belief of revitalizing the national industry, went to the exhibition with the latest generation of 1.5 kW/3kw/6kW split solid state power source, solid state microwave remote plasma source and other exhibits developed by the company.It attracted the attention, inquiries and negotiations of relevant domestic and foreign manufacturers and participants, and expressed full recognition and affirmation of the company's products.

Solid state power source series products

Wattsine solid-state microwave power source is a solid-state microwave energy equipment specialized in ISM field. It adopts all-solid-state scheme design with PLL phase-locked technology, high frequency stability, power amplifier has built-in circulator and load to adapt to the load of various VSWR, and has perfect protection circuit to ensure the reliable operation of the power source.


Solid state microwave remote plasma source

The remote plasma source (SSMWRPS) is composed of a plasma discharge chamber, a high efficiency solid state microwave source, a microwave transmission and modulator. Due to the special structure of SSMWRPS, the plasma is excited in the plasma discharge chamber outside the reaction region, which can provide high concentration, low temperature and more uniform active radicals while ensuring high ionization and  low recombination rate. It can effectively reduce the bombardment damage of high-energy active ions such as electrons and ions on the material surface; active free radicals play a dominant role in the process, which can obtain better reaction uniformity and reduce process pollution, which is an excellent scheme for semiconductor dry treatment.


As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the application of RF energy, we are specialized in the R & D, production and sales of all solid-state power sources based on semiconductor power devices, and provide solutions and technical services for the application of RF energy in ISM field.The main research and development production can be used for dry etching, degluing equipment microwave source plasma source, semiconductor equipment special solid state source, plasma generation system, ISM field 50W-30KW solid state microwave source and other products.

Facing the critical period of the market full of opportunities and challenges, Wattsine will continue to improve its independent R&D innovation capabilities and scientific research level, drive development with innovation, lead transformation with technology to help the development of the semiconductor industry.

Pictures of the exhibition


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