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Wattsine presents the DiaMiner range of MPCVD equipment at the first LGD-IDIC

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2022-05-20 03:08:43



On 18-19 May 2022, the 1st (2022) China International Cultivated Diamond Industry Development and Innovation Conference (LGD-IDIC), organised by the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, was successfully held in Panyu, Guangzhou. The theme of the conference was "Sustainable, New Opportunities, Building the Cultivated Diamond Industry Ecosystem". At this industry event, experts from academia, industry, fashion and entrepreneurs from different parts of the cultivated diamond industry chain discussed the current situation and sustainable development strategies of the cultivated diamond industry.


Wattsine, as a partner of this conference, was also invited to bring our newly developed DIAMINER series MPCVD equipment (DM-6000) to the conference, and gained the visit and attention of many attendees.

第一届培育钻石 (6)

During the exhibition, as visitors visited our booth incessantly, our marketing director and colleagues from the marketing department gave each visitor a detailed and in-depth demonstration of the technical advantages and product superiority of our latest DiaMiner series MPCVD equipment, which won the recognition and praise of many experts in the industry present.


The LGD-IDIC Grown Diamond Industry Annual Awards ceremony was also held, and we were honoured to receive the "Equipment Supplier of the Year Award", thanks to the industry's recognition of Wattsine!


The Grown industry has a broad market prospect and will definitely form a new growth track in the jewellery and diamond industry. As a one-stop solution provider for the cultivated diamond industry, Wattsine will always strive to actively explore ways to promote the sustainable, high-quality development of the cultivated diamond industry.

About the DiaMiner series MPCVD machines

The DiaMiner series MPCVD machine is the flagship product of the HMPS series MPCVD product, which has been continuously polished and updated by Wattsine and Hueray. The Diaminer series MPCVD machines provide the largest diamond production capacity in the range of 4", 4" and 8".


Many MPCVD equipment on the market today rely on manual judgement for growth quality, thickness, judgement of defects such as polycrystalline and growth cracks, and control of key growth parameters, while the vision system and automated procedures of the DiaMiner series MPCVD equipment solve the industry pain points of traditional MPCVD cultivation diamond growth technology, overcoming the current manual cultivation diamond process quality control and scale The DiaMiner series MPCVD machines

The DiaMiner series MPCVD equipment integrates an automated basic growth process that can achieve the goal of using 7*7 crystal seeds to produce 1 carat loose diamonds in two passes, with growth rates greater than 12um, finished colour better than H colour, clarity better than VS and a yield higher than 60%. Customers can quickly develop higher quality cultivated diamonds based on this basic process, making it ideal for companies and individuals who want to enter the cultivated diamond industry quickly.

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