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【Microwave medical applications】Microwave source manufacturers tell you the advantages of microwave thermal therapy

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2022-09-06 11:31:49



Microwave therapy is based on the two main characteristics of microwaves: the thermal and non-thermal effects. Due to the existence of magnetic resistance between polar molecules on the oscillation of the damping effect, which consumes microwave energy to generate heat, the use of these heat to achieve the purpose of healing, this is the thermal effect of microwave therapy.

Microwave thermotherapy is a new "green therapy" for the treatment of tumours after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. At present, there are microwave thermotherapy, ultrasound focused thermotherapy, radiofrequency thermotherapy and endogenous field thermotherapy in China. So, why is microwave thermotherapy effective?Today, Wattsine, as a senior microwave source manufacturer, has been committed to the study of microwave energy applications. Today, we will take you to understand what are the advantages of microwave heat therapy?

(1) The uniformity of microwave heat therapy

Microwave heat therapy is the microwave irradiation to the lesion, the lesion tissue absorption of microwave energy itself to generate heat, so the lesion tissue than other hot compresses to warm up faster, and the temperature distribution is uniform.

(2) Selectivity of microwave heat therapy

Microwave has the characteristic of selective heating: the human body's various tissue dielectric constant is not the same, so the ability of various tissues to absorb microwaves is also different. The ability to absorb microwaves is strong, the tissue will warm up quickly, the absorption of weak heating will be slow. Diseased tissues tend to absorb microwaves better than normal tissues and warm up faster, thus achieving the purpose of selective treatment. Other heat treatment methods, there is no such feature.

(3) The accuracy of microwave thermal therapy

Microwave heat therapy can diagnose the lesion, while other heat treatment methods can not: if the lesion is inflammatory, the microvasculature of the lesion is narrowed by the compression of the inflamed tissue, resulting in poor blood circulation, when the microwave irradiation of the lesion, inevitably at the same time irradiated with the lesion adjacent to the healthy tissue, that is, the lesion and healthy tissue at the same time by microwave heating. For healthy tissues, most of the heat generated by the absorption of microwaves is carried away by the circulating blood and distributed to the outside of the body through the skin: for diseased tissues, the temperature rises sharply due to poor blood circulation. When the local temperature of the lesioned tissue rises to 38°C-39°C, the affected area feels painful. The painful area is the site of the lesion, thus accurately identifying the location of the lesion, a feature that is beneficial in improving the effectiveness and shortening the course of treatment.

Currently, the frequency of microwaves commonly used in medicine is 915MHz and 2450MHz, and the irradiation power is generally 100W-200W mostly.


Solid State Microwave Power Source Module

As a professional microwave source manufacturer with a strong R&D team, Wattsine side has been developing and producing solid-state microwave power source modules WSPS-915MHz-100W/200W and WSPS-2450-100W/200W for microwave thermal therapy applications since 2015, both of which have continuously adjustable output power, small size, light weight, long life and high stability. They are most suitable for microwave thermotherapy. Since their launch they have been well received by users.

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