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The stability of the output power of the microwave source determines the effectiveness of the microwave plasma equipment process

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2022-05-25 01:23:48



Microwave plasma technology has promising applications in the fields of plasma etching, plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition, plasma-initiated polymerisation, plasma surface treatment and modification. The microwave power supply plays a very important role as a direct power source for excitation and maintenance of the microwave plasma. Its microwave output power directly determines the various plasma parameters, which in turn directly affect the processing effect.

Generally speaking, in order to maintain the stability of the process processing effect, the plasma must have stable or steady parameters, which requires a microwave power supply with a stable or steady output power. In the process of preparing diamond thin films by microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition, the microwave source is usually required to work stably for 100h-200h under high power conditions. it is difficult for the microwave source to work for a long time under high power conditions due to disturbing factors such as fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a microwave source that can operate stably under high power conditions for a long time, and Wattsine has been working on this research.

In microwave discharge plasma devices, magnetrons have previously been used as high-power microwave generation devices, but the instability of magnetrons, failure rates and other disadvantages are also obvious.

The Solid State Microwave Source is a new type of microwave energy device that is superior to magnetrons, using a new LDMOS device and an all solid state design. Although the price and cost are higher than magnetrons, their advantages cannot be ignored.

The performance of solid-state microwave sources over magnetrons is as follows.

Highly controllable - solid-state microwave sources provide real-time feedback and adjustment of frequency, phase and power during equipment operation

Reliable and efficient - tens of times longer life compared to magnetrons; high output power stability; no fading over long periods of operation

Safe to use - low microwave leakage to meet national safety standards, significantly reduced operating voltage requirements to 50V DC and simple power supply systems

Flexible design - higher integration than magnetrons, easier to achieve miniaturised packaging; modular design for easy expansion and replacement


The 6kw microwave source and 10kw microwave source have been widely used in microwave plasma equipment, especially the 6kw microwave source has been used in batch in microwave plasma CVD equipment applications, and is well accepted by the majority of users!

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