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Microwave source manufacturers tell you why the microwave heating method is better than the traditional heating method

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2022-04-24 10:24:29



Microwave heating is a heating method that relies on the material absorbing microwave energy and converting it into heat energy, thus heating the material itself as a whole at the same time.

Compared with traditional heating methods, microwave heating has the following advantages.

1, microwave heating method to heat the surrounding environment, through thermal radiation or hot air convection heating the surface of the object, and then through heat conduction inside the object. This method is inefficient and takes a long time to heat. Microwave heating is characterised by microwaves generated inside the object being heated. The heat source comes from inside the object and the heating is uniform. It does not cause the phenomenon of "scorched outside and unripe inside", which helps to improve product quality. At the same time, the "internal and external heating" greatly reduces the heating time and the heating efficiency is high, which is conducive to improving the product yield. The inertia of microwave heating is very small, so that the temperature rise and temperature drop can be controlled, which is conducive to the automatic control of continuous production.

2、The heat generated by microwave heating is closely related to the loss of the object being heated. The dielectric constant of various media is between 0.0001 and 0.5, so the ability of various objects to absorb microwaves is very different. In general, the dielectric constant of the medium is easy to be microwave heating, while the dielectric constant is too small to be microwave heating of the medium. This is the characteristics of microwave selective heating objects.

3, traditional heating methods, such as steam heating, electric heating and infrared heating, take a certain amount of time to reach a certain temperature. If there is a malfunction or if the heating stops, the temperature will drop for a long time. Microwave heating can quickly adjust the microwave power to the required value within seconds and heat it to the right temperature, facilitating automatic continuous production

4, the microwave power absorbed in the medium per unit volume is proportional to the square of the electricity field strength, so the penetration depth and wavelength of electromagnetic waves can be at a very high field strength.

5、The penetration depth and wavelength of electromagnetic waves reach the same order of magnitude. With the exception of large objects, it can usually be heated both internally and externally. Far infrared heating has very short wavelengths and poor penetration when heated. With far infrared radiation, only a thin layer of the object produces heat, which depends mainly on conduction to the interior. This not only takes a long time to heat up, but can easily lead to uneven heating. According to comparisons, microwave heating penetrates far better than far infrared heating. At present, solid-state microwave power sources with their high reliability and stability have replaced magnetrons in microwave heating equipment.


6, microwave heating equipment covers an area of small, avoiding the high temperature of the environment, greatly improving the working conditions of workers.


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