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Microwave therapy in ENT is highly effective

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2022-03-11 11:05:47



Microwave therapy as an emerging technology, microwave therapy has convenient operation, accurate positioning, no pain, no trauma, no obvious side effects and adverse reactions in treatment. In recent years in the treatment of ENT diseases, the effect is remarkable, with high clinical application and promotion value.

So, what are the benefits of microwave therapy? Today, Wattsine Microwave Source takes a look at them.

First, we need to understand the principle of microwave therapy, microwave treatment of disease is mainly through the thermal and biological effects of microwaves to achieve.

The principle of the microwave thermal effect is precisely due to the electric field moment of the microwave acting on the polar molecules of the human tissue, resulting in a directional arrangement according to the direction of the microwave electric field, and according to the alternating high frequency electric field occurs back and forth rotation, in the process of movement and the adjacent molecules will be close to produce heat.

As microwaves are non-ionising radiation, they are safe to use as they do not change the chemical properties of the substance, but only act on the own rotation of the molecules.

Next, let us look at the efficacy of microwave therapy.

(1) Microwave therapy can be used as a physiotherapeutic factor through the microwave physiotherapy head easily and quickly delivered to the tissue to be treated, as the microwave can be absorbed by the tissue water molecules, the temperature of the tissue rises, the capillary blood flow in the tissue increases, thus effectively improving the tissue blood supply.

(2) The significant increase in blood supply to be treated effectively improves the nutrient supply and metabolism of tissue cells, thus promoting cell regeneration and functional recovery, adjusting the acid-base balance of tissue cells, promoting the metabolism and absorption of inflammatory substances, improving the immune function of immune cells such as white blood cells and macrophages, and improving the coagulation function of platelets, etc.

Through the above effects, microwave therapy can improve circulation, blood circulation, blood stasis and swelling, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and other therapeutic effects on inflammation has a significant effect. Therefore, microwave therapy is used in ENT to treat acute and chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, wound infections and other common inflammatory diseases, and can also be used to promote wound healing.

From the principle of microwave therapy we can know that the microwave therapy instrument to occur efficient therapeutic effect, which the microwave source generator is the most important. The microwave source is the core component of a microwave therapy instrument.



The WSPS-915/2450-200W solid state microwave source has been developed for microwave therapy. As a new type of microwave generator, it has been sold to many medical device manufacturers at home and abroad since it was launched in 15 years, and is loved by users for its high stability, high reliability and long service life, etc. This is a very mature product of our company, welcome to buy it!

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