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In the future, can natural diamonds and CVD cultivated diamonds co-exist?

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2022-03-31 11:09:50



Diamonds have long been regarded as a symbol of status, wealth and romance, and the slogan "Diamonds are forever, one for all time" has been engraved in almost everyone's mind. As scientists learned more about diamonds and the development of man-made diamond devices, diamonds gradually began to lose their mystique.

Compared to natural diamonds, the most important feature of CVD cultivated diamonds is their unrestricted yield and low price. In recent years, as technology continues to advance, the yield and quality of CVD-cultivated diamonds have improved significantly, while the cost has also dropped further.

So, in the future, can natural diamonds and CVD-cultivated diamonds co-exist?

(1) From a scientific point of view, there is no difference between CVD cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds in terms of their carbon composition, hardness at 10 on the Mohs scale, physical characteristics and chemical composition, but the key is consumer perception.

(2) With the depletion of diamond deposits, CVD cultured diamonds are making up for the shortage of supply of natural diamonds.

(3) CVD cultivated diamonds have grown extremely fast in the last two years, not only because of their inherently much lower price compared to natural diamonds, but also because of the rise and changing awareness of a new generation of consumers.

(4) The key attraction of CVD cultured diamonds to consumers is the low price, the ability to pay the same or even lower price for a larger diamond, with CVD cultured diamonds currently costing around 60% of natural diamonds on the market and set to be even lower in the future.

(5) The high profit attraction of CVD cultivated diamonds: 95% of jewellers surveyed by MVI believe that it is more profitable to deal in CVD cultivated diamonds. Of these, 78% of jewellers believe that operating CVD cultivated diamonds is 16% to 40% more profitable than operating natural diamonds.

Certainly, the cultivated diamond industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, from initial scepticism and rejection to embrace and support, which is soaked in the sweat of a large number of practitioners.

Wattsine believes that the entry of domestic and international industry giants and authoritative testing institutions indicates that the CVD cultivated diamond industry is gradually becoming more standardised, consumer recognition is gradually increasing, and the CVD cultivated diamond market has a lot of room for development. In the future, CVD cultivated diamonds will not only co-exist with natural diamonds, but may even surpass the presence of natural diamonds in people's hearts.

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