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How much microwave power is required for MPCVD diamond growth equipment?

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2022-03-23 10:49:59



With the explosion of the diamond cultivation industry, MPCVD diamond cultivation technology has become more and more well known, so one has to ask, how much microwave power is required for MPCVD?

A typical 2.45GHz microwave system should be designed for a minimum of 6kW microwave source. Microwave power cannot be scaled down or up indefinitely because at 2.45GHz it is difficult to create a uniformly strong electromagnetic field environment over a small or large area. At the "right" area size, the power is limited to produce plasma at the right temperature. If one wishes to increase or decrease the size of the reaction zone, or to use a larger or smaller power (e.g. to develop a tabletop device), the easiest way is to redesign the cavity by redesigning the frequency. However, the microwave systems commonly used in industry today are mainly at 915 MHz and 2450 MHz. The use of other frequencies requires the support of the industry chain, otherwise even magnetrons, not to mention solid state microwave sources, are not available.

The stability of the microwave has a significant impact on the process conditions. This is because a slight change in microwave frequency will result in a change in wavelength, which will change the microwave focus and cause the plasma to change. Slight changes in microwave amplitude can also make the plasma unstable. In general, we require microwave systems to have a frequency stability of better than 10e-5 and amplitude fluctuations of no worse than 10%. For solid-state microwave source systems, the requirements for frequency specifications are easily met, and for amplitude specifications, solid-state microwave source systems have a set of feedback controls, so it is also easy to meet the amplitude specifications!

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