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What is a microwave generator and what are the types of microwave generators?


2021-12-02 11:26:34


A microwave generator (microwave oscillator) is an instrument that uses frequency synthesis techniques to generate the required frequency or waveform signal.

Microwave energy is usually obtained from direct current or 50MHz alternating current through a special device.

There are many types of devices that can generate microwaves, but they are divided into two main categories: semiconductor microwave devices and electro-vacuum microwave devices.

Electric vacuum devices are devices that use the movement of electrons in a vacuum to transform energy, or are called electron tubes. In fact, it is also a kind of: a transistor, or electron tube.

The electric vacuum devices commonly used in the market is the vacuum magnetron, its structure is simple, but the frequency can not change and the output power is not very stable, and easy to damage, high frequency of replacement, artificial maintenance costs are large.

The semiconductor microwave devices that have emerged in recent years are much more advanced, such as the solid-state microwave source generator developed and produced by Wattsine, which uses an all-solid-state semiconductor to excite microwave energy, the use of its frequency, phase, power can be real-time feedback and real-time adjustment, and the life of the magnetron tens of times, saving costs.

Wattsine  solid-state microwave sources have been used in a number of specialised and targeted areas, such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging equipment) and microwave ablation therapy/physiotherapy in the medical field, and in industrial areas such as MPcvd microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition and plasma cleaning.

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