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[Growth Diamond Knowledge] What is CVD method synthetic diamond?

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2022-09-09 10:46:54


Synthetic diamonds are grown diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds, and the methods used to produce them are the CVD method and the HPHT method.

Synthetic diamonds on the market today are basically CVD diamonds. The main advantages of the CVD method are the cost of synthesis and the relatively short time taken to produce the product. As a professional CVD diamond growth equipment manufacturer, Wattsine Microwave Source is here today to introduce you what is the CVD method of diamond synthesis? What is its principle?

CVD method is a chemical deposition vapor phase precipitation method, the principle of its synthetic diamond is mainly through microwave heating / discharge method, activation of carbon-based gases (such as methane, etc.), so that the gas analysis separated from the carbon and hydrogen atoms, free carbon atoms attached to crystallize on top of the seed crystal / seed crystal, crystallization out of the crystal and seed crystal crystal crystal structure, and finally formed a slowly growing synthetic diamond.


MPCVD diamond growth equipment

In particular, MPCVD synthetic diamonds are gem-quality diamonds with the same elemental structure and physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, and it is impossible to distinguish the difference between the two to the naked eye. Despite being grown in a laboratory, CVD diamonds are also genuine diamonds and are becoming increasingly popular in the jewellery market.

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