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Atmospheric pressure Low-temperature Microwave Plasma Spray Gun

Microwave atmospheric pressure low-temperature plasma spray gun is a low-temperature plasma generator specialized in plasma cleaning and material pretreatment.

Microwave plasma (especially refers to the frequency of 2450MHz) has a higher oscillation frequency compared with the electromagnetic frequency bands such as intermediate frequency, high frequency and radio frequency, which enables the electrons in the plasma to obtain more energy at a lower power, and the electron density and the density of active reactive substances in the plasma are higher.

The electron temperature in low-temperature plasma is much higher than the temperature of ion. It has high energy activity and can treat the surface of the processed material. At the same time, the thermal effect generated on the surface of the material is small, and the material will not be pyrolyzed or ablated, so it has unique application value.

Technical Index

Microwave frequency

Microwave power (Ar)

Gas flow (Ar)


Long-term test temperature of thermocouple

(@Ar @1min)


Microwave power (compressed air)


Long-term test temperature of thermocoup (@compressed air @1min)


Suitable gas


Gas nozzle interface
External diameter Ø6(Connect PU air pipe)

Weight of spray gun

< 2
Gas flow (compressed air)8~25

⚫ The solid state microwave source is adopted to make the ion source work stably, with high stability and long service life

⚫ A variety of gases can be used, plasma temperature can be adjusted, and it can be adapted to a variety of applications

⚫ Low overall power and higher processing efficiency

⚫ Small volume, light weight,

⚫Simple control method

The atmospheric plasma spray gun does not need vacuum system, has the advantages of small equipment size, low manufacturing and maintenance costs. So the size of processed material is not limited by the volume of the vacuum chamber, it is easy to realize automatic continuous processing. At the same time, for materials that only need to be cleaned locally, refined treatment can be provided, which will not be treated completely like vacuum cavity cleaning.


⚫ Surface pretreatment of electrostatic sensitive electronic components (semiconductor packaging)

⚫ Optical mirror coating pretreatment

⚫ Pretreatment before coating of special materials

⚫ Sdhesive pretreatment

Appearance size

microwave atmospheric pressure low-temperature plasma spraying gun

Atmospheric pressure low-temperature plasma spray gun is composed of microwave input interface, air inlet and automatic ignition device.

It can be combined with microwave source, gas input control device and general system control to form microwave atmospheric low temperature cleaning equipment system.


2450MHz-200W solid-state microwave generator

It can provide microwave energy with stable power (0~200W) and accurate frequency (2450MHZ);

⚫ The microwave energy is output through the N-type female connector, which can be connected to the coaxial cable and extended to the required position of the equipment (the cable loss should be paid attention to if the cable is longer than 1 meter);

⚫ Using analog signal IO mode control, the host computer software can only read the microwave source information in real time;

⚫ Perfect protection mechanism, which can protect itself from power off if the reflected power is too large, the temperature is too high, and the power amplifier current is too large, and it is displayed on the device LED;

⚫The microwave source uses DC +28V power supply, and the fan uses +24V~+28V power supply.


Please refer to the WSPS-2450-200-CMFB specification for details

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