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Good news! Wattsine has been awarded two more national invention patents

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2024-04-10 04:21:57


Recently, the invention patent "Waveguid assembly and microwave equipment" (Patent No. ZL 2023 1 1821010.7) applied by Chengdu Wattsine Electronic Technology Co. A microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition equipment" (Patent No.: ZL 2022 1 0065678.2) applied for by Chengdu Newman Hueray Microwave Technology Co. Patent of invention marks the independent innovation ability and level of an enterprise, which is the crystallisation of professional knowledge and industry experience, and helps to enhance the soft power and market competitiveness of an enterprise.

Patent for invention: waveguide assembly and microwave equipment


The present invention provides waveguide assemblies and microwave devices, which belong to the field of waveguide technology. The waveguide comprises a waveguide body, the waveguide body comprising two opposite waveguide side plates; at least one end of the waveguide body is provided with two strip plates, and the two strip plates are fixedly provided on the two waveguide side plates respectively. The strip plates include two strip-shaped plate surfaces, wherein a plate surface near a midpoint in a length direction of the waveguide is a wedge-shaped surface. The waveguide assembly includes two waveguide tubes and two waveguide connectors, the ends of the two waveguide tubes are offset, and the two waveguide connectors are disposed on both sides of the waveguide tubes, and the two clamping rods of the waveguide connectors clamp and fix the corresponding strip plates. Compared to the flange-type connection method, the above-described connection method, the assembly of which is more convenient and the assembly efficiency is higher. The above-described microwave device adopts the above-described waveguide assembly, and therefore, its assembly and disassembly are also more convenient.

Patent for invention: a microwave ionomer chemical vapour deposition apparatus


The present invention provides a microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition apparatus, which belongs to the field of microwave plasma. The said deposition equipment comprises a microwave source, a microwave transmission device and a discharge cavity assembly, and the microwave source is connected to the discharge cavity assembly via the microwave transmission device. The discharge cavity assembly includes a discharge cavity and an observation cylinder, the observation cylinder being connected to an outer wall of the discharge cavity and connected to an inner cavity of the discharge cavity; at least one annular groove or annular projection is provided on the inner wall of the observation cylinder. As the annular recess or annular projection is provided on the inner wall of the observation cylinder; it makes the electrons in the observation cylinder annihilate, thereby reducing the damage of the electrons to the quartz glass and thereby improving the service life of the quartz glass. The above microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition equipment, after adopting the above discharge chamber assembly, significantly improves the service life of the quartz glass on the observation cylinder, and thus significantly improves the overall service life of the equipment.

To date, the company has accumulated 245 patents, including 27 patents for inventions.

Since Wattsine's establishment, we have been putting our best efforts into R&D and manufacturing of our products, with "craftsmanship" permeating every detail. In the future, Wattsine will continue to strengthen the management and protection of intellectual property rights with the support of innovative technology, so as to continuously empower the company's high-quality development.

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