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Wattsine participated in the IMS 2023 microwave exhibition and the SNMMI nuclear medicine exhibition

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2023-07-13 11:26:54



From 29th June to 1st July 2023, SEMICON/FPD China 2023, with the theme of "Crossing the globe - Heart to heart", ended perfectly at Shanghai International Expo Centre, Chengdu Waterside Electronics brought its semiconductor parts series products- Solid State Microwave Remote Plasma Source (RPS), Solid State RF Power Supply (RF Power Supply) and other equipments to the exhibition. Chengdu Waterside Electronics brought its semiconductor parts series products - solid-state microwave remote plasma source (RPS), solid-state radio frequency power supply (RF power supply) and other equipment to the exhibition.


SEMICON / FPD China is the world's largest and most influential semiconductor exhibition covering the entire industry chain of chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, materials, photovoltaic, display and other cooperation.

During the exhibition, the company received many foreign and domestic peer enterprises, upstream and downstream customers from Russia, the United Kingdom and other countries, to carry out business negotiations and in-depth exchanges on business cooperation, product technology, industry trends.


Through this exhibition, while doing a good job of product promotion, it also shows the strength of the company to customers and the industry, further enhances the brand awareness of the company, and lays a good foundation for the high-quality development and market development of Wattsine.

The first half of the exhibition highlights,  review together



2023 Carbon-based Semiconductor Materials and Devices Industry Development Forum

From May 16-19, 2023 Carbon Based Semiconductor Materials and Devices Industry Development Forum hosted by DT New Materials was successfully held in Ningbo, and Wattsine Electronics, as a sponsor of the forum, was also invited to participate in the forum with a new generation of HMPS series microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition equipment (MPCVD). The MPCVD, solid-state power source and other hot-selling product promotional materials on display attracted many visiting guests to stop to read and consult.



Wattsine HMPS series MPCVD equipment is a multi-purpose, high-performance comprehensive experimental and industrialisation equipment suitable for the preparation of high-quality diamond and a variety of carbon-based materials. This series of equipment can provide 2 to 12 inches of diamond material growth capacity, with advanced performance, perfect functionality, safety and reliability, and a high degree of automation.



SNEC 16th International Solar Photovoltaic and Intelligent Energy (Shanghai) Conference & Exhibition

From 24th to 26th May, Chengdu Wattsine was invited to exhibit at SNEC 16th (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Intelligent Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition. The exhibition is one of the most authoritative exhibitions on a global scale, with a booth area of 270,000 square metres, more than 3,100 exhibitors, and an average of 500,000 daily visitors, which is a record high.


At this exhibition, Chengdu Wattsine discussed and exchanged with many customers on the development trend, technical route and later demand of the photovoltaic industry market, and established contacts with many potential customers to broaden the company's business channels.



2023 IMS Microwave exhibition in San Diego, USA

On 13-15 June, 2023 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) was held in San Diego San Diego, USA, which attracted more than 550 microwave industry companies from more than 60 countries around the world to participate in, of which about 10% came from China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). With its profound accumulation in the field of microwave technology, Wattsine's appearance won wide attention.

At the exhibition, Wattsine mainly displayed two products in the company's WSPS series - the 2450-6kW Split Solid State Microwave Source and the 200W Solid State Microwave Source Module.


Wattsine WSPS series solid-state power source is a professional solid-state microwave energy equipment used in ISM field, all adopt all-solid-state solution design, with excellent reliability and stability, frequency selectable 433/915/2450MHz, power selectable 100W-30kW, of course, our company can also be customised according to customer needs.



Nuclear Medicine exhibition 2023 SNMMI, Chicago, USA

On June 24-27, the American Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Conference was successfully concluded in Chicago, USA.

The SNMMI 2023 Annual Meeting is recognised as the premier educational, scientific, research and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. This four-day event, held in June each year, provides physicians, technicians, pharmacists, laboratory professionals and scientists with an in-depth understanding of the latest research and development in the field, as well as insights into practical clinical applications.

At the show, Wattsine brought its range of solid-state power sources for particle accelerators to the exhibition and received a lot of attention.



Wattsine particle accelerator power source is Wattsine specially developed for the accelerator field of custom products, frequency, power, pulse characteristics can be customised according to customer needs, can be applied to hard X-ray imaging, large particle acceleration equipment components and nuclear magnetic resonance auxiliary equipment and so on.

Unconsciously, the first half of 2023 has ended quietly, in this first half of the year, Wattsine has gained a lot; in the second half of the year, Wattsine will continue to sprint, and to create a new record!

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