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Good news! Wattsine digital factory construction project officially implemented and launched

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2023-07-07 11:36:52



Since its establishment, Wattsine has been in continuous high growth. As the scale and business scope of Waterside continues to expand, the warehouse area continues to expand, and the demand for horizontal collaboration within the enterprise becomes stronger and stronger.


In order to further accelerate the construction of enterprise informatization, intelligence and digital factory, improve enterprise production efficiency and achieve faster response to customer's delivery needs, Wattsine Empowerment launched the MES project and held the project kick-off meeting on July 3, 2023.



The implementation of the MES project aims to realize the rationalization of Wattsine's production capacity balance, real-time process data, process quality traceability, efficient production and delivery, and scientific assessment and decision making.

I. Capacity balance rationalization: through reasonable scheduling, establish process management with market delivery as the core, including node management such as plan issuance, process control and completion reporting, so as to achieve capacity balance of each process and reduce unnecessary work-in-process inventory;

Second, digital management: various production operations, auxiliary processing and other digital coverage of the entire production process to improve efficiency and traceability;

Three, production transparency: the whole data information to obtain real-time accurate, in order to track the production process and extract production efficiency assessment basis, so that the company assessment and decision-making have real and credible data;

Fourth, quality improvement: Kanban presents production data in real time, the whole production process is transparent, data is stored in a timely manner, which is convenient for traceability and analysis and makes up for the information gap between production site and operation management;

Fifth, improve efficiency: using MES function, automatically summarize and generate data analysis, provide managers with real-time tracking and understanding of production and inventory status, so that management can prescribe the right medicine, take the necessary measures to control production progress and improve production efficiency.

The MES upgrade management project is one of the contents of Wattsine's all-round informationization. The interoperability and sharing of data from various information systems realize the all-round informationization of Wattsine's production management, which strongly guarantees the delivery of products to customers and provides better customer service.

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