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Wattsine has been granted another national invention patent

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2023-03-01 10:30:10


As an important means to protect the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, patent has become a common key indicator to measure the innovation strength and competitiveness of each enterprise. With the increasing awareness of intellectual property rights in recent years, patent work has entered a new stage, and Chengdu Wattsine Electronics Technology Co.

Recently, as a professional microwave source manufacturer in China, Wattsine was granted a patent by the State Intellectual Property Office, which is entitled "An equipment calibration system and method" (Patent No.: ZL202011599947.0).


A device calibration system and method

The present invention aims to provide an equipment calibration system and method, which relates to the field of equipment testing. The equipment calibration system comprises: a data acquisition module, a test module and a graphics module; said data acquisition module for acquiring test data, said test data characterizing the operation information of the equipment to be tested; said graphics module for acquiring at least one fitting curve of said test data; said test module for matching each fitting curve of said at least one fitting curve with a rectification threshold, if each of said fitted curves converges, it is determined that said device to be tested is in a normal state.

In addition to this invention patent, we have also recently been granted 6 utility model patents and 4 design patents! Up to now, Wattsine has obtained 17 national patent authorizations for inventions, 94 for utility models, 76 for designs, and 27 for software publications.

Since the establishment of Wattsine, we have been unremittingly devoting ourselves to the R&D and manufacturing of microwave and RF products, permeating the "craftsmanship" in every detail. In the future, Wattsine will continue to strengthen the management and protection of intellectual property rights with the support of innovative technology, and continue to empower the high-quality development of the company.

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