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Wattsine brings new RF power supplies to SEMICON China 2024

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2024-03-30 06:54:00



SEMICON China 2024, known as the "Semiconductor Feast", was held from 20-22 March 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). As the largest and most influential exhibition in the semiconductor industry, this year's SEMICON China covered the entire semiconductor industry chain such as chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, materials, photovoltaic, display, and set a new record in the number of exhibitors, the total exhibition area and other aspects.

Chengdu Wattsine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. [hereinafter referred to as "Wattsine"] with the company's latest radio frequency power supply and solid-state microwave remote plasma source (RPS) products on the show floor, showing the company's semiconductor parts preparation technology in the latest progress.

Introduction to RF Power Supplies

RF power supply is the core component to generate plasma, which has a great impact on the processing capability and processing effect of plasma processing equipment. The main areas of influence include etching, thin film deposition, ion implantation, cleaning and debinding in semiconductors and thin film deposition in photovoltaics. The performance of the RF power supply is crucial to the quality and stability of the plasma formed, so it has extremely high requirements for the output mode, output efficiency, output stability, etc., and it is one of the semiconductor parts that have high technical barriers.

Wattsine RF power supply on-site display

The ESL series RF power supply and ESM series RF power supply exhibited by Wattsine adopt full digital design, which can achieve high stability and high reliability of output power through fast frequency adjustment, and can quickly configure the customer's machine to meet the customer's various configuration needs.

At the exhibition site, Wattsine is located in the N1-1559 booth lively, many domestic and foreign customers have stopped, and Wattsine team for in-depth discussions and exchanges, on our display of radio frequency power supply and solid-state microwave remote plasma source [RPS] expressed a very strong interest.

Let's meet next year!

In 2025, Wattsine will continue to exhibit at SEMICON China, display more new products, show the new year's R & D results, and look forward to customers and friends to come to the booth to discuss co-operation, let's meet again at SEMICON China 2025! See you next year! We will be waiting for you in Hall N1-N1210 next year!

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