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Solid State Microwave Remote Plasma Source
Solid State Microwave Remote Plasma Source

The solid-state microwave remote plasma source(RPS) system introduces the leading German plasma technology, which mainly designed with AC-DC power supply, 3kW solid-state microwave generator, remote plasma chamber, microwave transmission waveguide and isolator.

The RPS generates excited gases in the plasma chamber, which leave the RPS as uncharged radicals. The uncharged radicals are introduced into the process reactor and etch the semiconductor wafers there without damaging the integrated circuit

Provide high concentration, low temperature and more uniform active radicals, effectively control the reaction uniformity and reduce contamination. It is a better solution for dry treatment of semiconductor materials.

> Using the latest technology of solid-state microwave generator guarantees high frequency and power stability

> Long service life

> Quartz plasma tube or ceramic, sapphire.Which can be applied to various gases

> Flexible, friendly exchange of the plasma tube

> Patented design of microwave plasma applicator, with high load matching and the reflected power is less than 1%

> Plasma ignition within the full pressure range without auxiliary equipment

> High ionization rate and speed

Technical Index





Microwave power output


Output accuracy

±0.5% @600w-3000w


O2N2, H2, Ar, He, CF4, SF6 Cl2 ,etc.

Operating pressure range

0.06-20 Torr

Gas flow

0.1-10 SLM

Plasma Tube Material

quartz, ceramic or sapphire

Input AC power

AC 208V, 47-60Hz, 35A, 3 phase 4 wire


Circulating water cooling

MW generator: 8L/MIN18-25℃1/4" quick interface
RPS: 3L/MIN,18-25℃

Control interface

DB9F / RJ45

Plasma radicals outlet

ISO-K 63


350*250*140mm (RPS)
450*308*318mm (solid state MW generator)

500*482.6*132.5mmAC-DC power supply


35kgMW generator & RPS),24kgpower supply


Photoresist removal in front-end-of-line and back-end-of-line semiconductor production

Etching in front-end-of-line and back-end-of-line semiconductor production

Etching of polyimide / Capton foils for fexible PCB roll-to-roll applications

Surface cleaning before soldering and sticking processes



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