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Solid-state microwave power amplifiers have become the power source of choice for large gas pedals

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2023-02-24 10:42:56


High-power microwave power sources are widely used in various microwave devices, such as electric particle gas pedals, radio and television, radar, microwave weapons and so on. At present, the world's high-power microwave power sources are generally speed-tuned tubes and solid-state power amplifiers. Today, Wattsine Microwave Source will explain the difference between speed-tuned tubes and solid-state power amplifiers.

Speed modulation tube belongs to the electronic vacuum power devices, was invented in the 1930s; 40s to 60s, in the gas pedal, radar, communications and television broadcasting and other military and civilian microwave electronic systems, speed modulation tube has achieved rapid development. Affected by a number of factors, China is not yet able to produce high-quality speed-controlled power source, many high-power speed-controlled tube had to be imported.

In order to make high-power microwave power sources no longer rely on imports, scientists have been working hard, solid-state power amplifiers in line with the current trend.

In 2004, a scholar in France SOLEIL synchronous light source completed the UHF (300 ~ 1000MHz) band 35kW solid-state amplifier power source, followed by the completion of the 180kW solid-state amplifier power source. After the stable operation of the high-power solid-state amplifier power source in recent years, it has been found that: compared with the electronic vacuum device amplifiers such as speed-tuned tubes, the solid-state amplifier power source, which is a semiconductor power device, has the advantages of good linear amplification, low operating temperature, low operating voltage, long life, high reliability, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

At present, high-power solid-state amplifier power source has become the first choice of large gas pedal power source, and its market exceeds 10 billion yuan.


325-150kW solid-state power amplifier

As a professional microwave power source manufacturer in China, Wattsine also follows the pace of technology and market demand, specifically for the field of particle gas pedals developed a particle accelerator-specific solid-state microwave power source (solid-state microwave power amplifier), which has the following advantages.

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