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HMPS-2060SP microwave plasma (CVD) system

Hueray Microwave, a subsidiary of Wattsine, specializes in the research and development of microwave energy, microwave plasma application technology and the production of MPCVD equipment. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights... This type of microwave plasma produced by us is HMPS-2060SP. This equipment has the following advantages:

. Adopt the third-generation high-stability solid-state power source of Wattsine; an upward-fed cylindrical discharge cavity.

. Advanced performance, safety, strong reliability, good reproducibility and easy operation.

. Multi-parameter real-time monitoring, acquisition and recording, PLC screen control, multiple interlock protection.

Technical Index


(2)Power supply

AC380±10% V three-phase five-wire system 50Hz, rated input <10KVA

(3)Microwave output power

0.5~6kW continuously adjustable

(4)Power stability

better than 2%




Microwave frequency  

(7)Temperature measurement method
infrared 300~1400℃

Ultimate vacuum degree


Working pressure  


Sample table


Axial adjustment range of the sample stage


Working atmosphere

Five-way (customizable)

Microwave leakage value


Working environment temperature

15-40℃, relative humidity ≤60%, no corrosive gas

Cooling water



Bulk growth of high-quality single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond.

CVD preparation of various thin films, surface treatment and modification of materials, growth of low-temperature oxides, etc.

It is suitable for the industrial production of optics, electronics, tool-grade diamond film or single crystal, graphene, etc., material surface treatment, low-temperature oxide growth, etc.

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